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School Association

Sheffield School Association is made up of parents, staff, students, and community members of the school.

The purpose of the Association is to provide members with a way to participate and be involved in supporting the school.

The Association works with the Principal to achieve shared outcomes for learners and the whole school.

Parent and community engagement in the school is important as it:

  • Creates a collaborative culture within the school
  • Uses existing community strengths to benefit all learners
  • Creates collaborative teamwork between staff, parents and the community

The Association participates in:

  • Development of school policies, improvement plans and the formulation of school objectives, priorities, strategic directions and values
  • Planning the financial arrangements to support these objectives
  • Evaluate the school’s performance to achieve those objectives, priorities, strategic directions and values
  • Foster the value and benefits of education
  • Encourage co-operation among teachers, parents and the school community
  • Raise funds to benefit the school.

Click here to download the Sheffield School Association Constitution


To nominate to be a member of Sheffield School Association, contact the school office on (03) 6491 8222 (between 8.30 am and 4.00 pm) for a Nomination Form (Note: Elections are held at the start of each year).