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Launching into Learning (LiL)

Launching into Learning (LiL) is our birth to age 5 program at Sheffield School. We offer weekly play sessions at our Sheffield and Railton campuses for children and their parents/carers. This provides an opportunity for young children to begin to develop their confidence and curiosity as learners prior to beginning Kindergarten. Children’s experiences in their earliest years are really important for their ongoing development. At this young age, learning through play and exploration alongside the people that mean the most to them is a really positive experience. These experiences have a major impact on their future achievements at school and later in life. Our LiL programs offer indoor and outdoor play, art and craft, sensory experiences, gross motor activities, music, singing, stories and provocations that inspire authentic learning. We also incorporate visits from our School Nurse, Oral Health practitioners, and our Speech and Language pathologist. As well as allowing children to become familiar and confident with the school surrounds, we offer a water awareness program, a spring excursion to our School Farm as well as pop up play groups at our local parks.