Levies and Charges

Levies and Charges are reviewed at the end of each year.

During 2020, the Minister for Education has determined that no levies will be charged and any levies paid will be refunded to parents.

Student Assistance Form (for levies)

Link for the online STAS Application Form:  https://stasonlinesubmission.education.tas.gov.au/

Centrelink Deductions

Payments can be deducted from Centrelink payments and applied against students levies and other invoices. Please complete both of the forms below and bring into one of the school offices.

1. Centrepay Deduction Form
Authorises Centrepay to make deductions from your Centrelink payment and forward those monies on to the Department of Education on your behalf

Download the Centrepay Deduction Form - Centrepay deduction form.pdf

2. Department of Education Centrepay Allocation Form
Informs the Department of Education which school and student the payment is to be applied against.

Download the Department of Education Centrepay Allocation Form - DOE Centrepay Allocations Form.pdf