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Learning in Families Together (LiFT)

At Sheffield School, Learning in Families Together (LiFT) aims to strengthen the link between school and home for children in the early years. Children learn everywhere, not just at school and we value parents/carers as the children’s first and continuing teachers. When families are actively engaged in their children’s learning, a significant increase in the child’s learning outcomes occur.

At Sheffield School, LiFT provides various opportunities for families to be actively involved in their child’s learning so they can give them the very best start in their education. LiFT is an initiative that aims to build confidence and skills to support children’s literacy and numeracy learning at home. It encourages collaboration between home, school and the community to help ‘lift’ the literacy and numeracy outcomes for all children. As well as welcoming families to events at school, we also provide resources for families to use at home to support learning.