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Principal's Welcome

The Kentish Municipality, situated on Tasmania's North West Coast, south and inland from Devonport, the gateway to Cradle Mountain National Park, is an idyllic place to live. The area is supported by mixed agriculture, industry, forestry and thriving tourism, featuring Tasmania's Outdoor Art Gallery (Murals and Topiary) and many of the recently developed Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails.

The school serves the majority of the Kentish Municipality, with campuses situated in the townships of Sheffield and Railton providing programs for the birth to 18 demographic.

At Sheffield School we believe that to provide the basis for successful living our mission is to provide an engaging, responsive learning environment to maximise individual potential, and to collaborate and build respectful relationships within our school and community. Our school values (Respect for Self, Respect for Others, and Respect for Learning) underpin all that we do, embodying Respect as their basis, a subset to the Department of Education values of Aspiration, Courage, Growth and Respect.

The school offers a wide range of learning and extra curricula activities to cater for student needs and interests. We have high expectations and are committed to ensuring every student will learn and will have the opportunity to shine and achieve in an area of interest, whether it be the core learning program, the performing arts, sport, technology or agriculture areas.

The school located across three campuses (Railton Birth - 4, Sheffield Birth - 12, School Farm) presents a diverse range of facilities, accessed by the school and wider community. The school aims to provide state of the art, well maintained, technology integrated facilities to support the provision of the learning programs and wellbeing of students. Modern well-equipped classrooms, a recreation and related arts building, library, swimming pool, vast expanse of grounds and play areas, and a farm are key elements of the physical environment at Sheffield.

A point of difference for Sheffield School is the Agriculture, and Food and Fibre programs. The school is fortunate to have a 64 hectare dairy farm located 1.2km from the main campus, the site for the provision of the Year 7/8 taster programs, Year 9/10 year long options courses and Year 11-13 TASC and VET Certificate courses.

The school recognises the importance of positive relationships and partnerships to value add to the provision of the educational experience at Sheffield. These partnerships are wide and varied, including the essential role parents and carers have in supporting their young people's education and growth, to partnerships with community groups and organisations that create further richness and vibrancy to the learning programs offered at Sheffield School. We continue to strive to increase such partnerships and further build on our motto of 'mountains of opportunity'.

It would be my pleasure to share our school with you and I welcome the opportunity to showcase our school and the outstanding learning happening at Sheffield School. Please feel free to contact the administration staff to make an appointment (03) 6491 8222.

Ron Daly